Diapers and Delirium… Let Us Explain

So why “Diapers and Delirium”? Wait… Pause… Let us start off with the fact that Alexandra, or ‘Alex’ for short, just almost pulled my laptop onto the floor with her blanket that she’s wrapped in. One thing that may become a theme is that Alex is always cold. Now… back to what I was saying. Why “Diapers and Delirium”? It has been a really busy year for us. We got engaged on May 19th of 2018, were married on August 16th of 2018, we were already expecting our first child by September of 2018 and we are closing on a house in March of 2019! And wouldn’t you know it… We met on Tinder. Yeah, that thing actually works. At the time of this post, I (Zach) am 28 and Alex is 25. So we are a relatively young couple and as you can imagine, this whole new world has been overwhelming, exciting, challenging and definitely rewarding. So maybe by now, you have deciphered a little bit about why we chose the title we did. Yes, we are expecting a baby girl very soon and yes, all of this is making us go a little bonkers. But as you may know, delirium has more than one meaning. It also means wild excitement or ecstasy. This all may be overwhelming for us, but we are so excited and euphoric as well. We wanted to start this blog to really chronicle our adventure and share our experiences to help others, create a dialogue and hopefully make some people laugh!

So who are we? Well Alex is a registered nurse and was in nursing school at the time I met her. One thing that really stood out when we first met was how big Alex’s family is compared to mine. She has forty something first cousins just on her Moms’ side…I have 14 total. Let that sink in. She is used to little privacy, large events, frequent parties and loud conversations. The first time we hung out with her parents, I was also introduced to most of her cousins. Alex is driven and very goal oriented as well as tidy. The tidiness was a little bit to get used to for me. Let’s just say, when we first got married, I came home to our apartment completely reorganized and I had no idea where anything was anymore. I do have to say that after a little grumbling on my part, I came to see that she was helping for the better and I feel so fortunate for that side of her with our little one on the way. Lastly, Alex is sweet and smart and makes me smile every day and I love her! Definitely one of those “she makes me a better person” scenarios.

As for me, I am in the industrial line of work and work at an office most of the time. It is definitely more exciting than it sounds. I guess I forgot to mention that we live in Houston, Texas. Alex has lived here pretty much her whole life, but I only moved here in 2014 after college. I was looking for a new start and opportunities. Another theme… I am from Washington State and well accustomed to cold and rain. Houston has been an adjustment for me in terms of weather. I am always too warm and Alex and I are constantly battling over the thermostat. It doesn’t help when I come back from the gym and the temperature is at 74 inside. That being said, I love sports, music and we both like trying to be healthy.

We hope you enjoy our ramblings and our adventures to come and we hope to hear from you as well! Thank you for taking the time to read this far and we will be posting again very soon.

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