Preparing For Our First Baby

Hey everyone. Zach writing today. It has definitely been a long week and we are so excited for the weekend. We have a lot on the agenda that we really want to get going soon. With our house still in the process of being built, we haven’t had the opportunity to start getting things ready for our baby girl to come home once she is born. Alex had a checkup today to see how everything is going so far and the doctor said that everything looks perfect and really just told her to monitor the contractions she has been having. If she has more than five in an hour, then the doctor wants us to call. I definitely admire her for how she has been handling all that she has been going through during this whole process. I wish I could be at all of her appointments, but I also have to be available at work as we have been so busy lately. I do have to say that my work has been really understanding and always willing to help if things come up for anyone in their personal life. So I feel very thankful in that regard. Once we get in the new house, we have quite a few things we want to get done that are baby related.

Things To Get Done Before The Baby Comes Home

  • Set up crib and changing table in the nursery
  • Set up dresser for baby and paint it (We have a color scheme we want to try to stick to, but we will see how that goes)
  • Stock up on any supplies for the baby we may still need by that point (Diapers, wipes, burping rags, etc)
  • Create some “Baby Stations” around the house for convenience with things like diapers, cloths and other handy things
  • Setting up a spot in our room for the first few months after her birth
  • Stocking up on some freezer meals
  • Washing all of her clothes before she uses them (definitely wouldn’t have thought about this until Alex brought it up)

How We Know Which Baby Items We Need To Keep In Mind

Alex is really good about looking at lists on Pinterest and we really found a lot of ideas for things to keep in mind that way. But what really helped was going to a baby store and going section by section. We chose to go to Buy Buy Baby, which is a part of Bed Bath and Beyond. Honestly there were a lot of things that may be nice to have, but not really necessary. But it did give us a good look at everything that comes along with a baby. Believe me, I didn’t realize there was so much stuff! We ended up registering there and just went through systematically looking at everything. It took us about two hours, but it was fun to look at everything and kind of prioritize.

Saving Some Money

We had some help from family members in finding a few of the bigger items we need for the baby on platforms like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace. We ended up with some really nice, barely used items like a crib, high chair and a rocking chair for really cheap! I was a little skeptical at looking for used baby items because I know how messy babies can be, but I was really happy with what we found.

I am so excited for all of this to start coming together and actually getting to set everything up and put some things to use. It has started to feel so much more real to me lately, especially since I can feel my little girl kick all the time now. Honestly, she doesn’t stop and it feels like Alex is always telling me to feel her belly. It has been overwhelming with everything going on, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It has been a good kind of overwhelming though because I know it will all be worth it. Thanks for stopping by! Til next time.

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