Weekend Lethargy

Hello everyone! Probably a little too much enthusiasm with that greeting considering how we feel. This is Alex by the way. I can’t really say that it has been a tiring weekend, but we have been super tired in general. I have been tossing and turning more lately. I was mostly a stomach sleeper before getting pregnant, so that is still an ongoing transition for me. I have to sleep with my knee out to stop me from rolling over for now. I also seem to be a lot more clumsy lately. I have dropped and broken a couple of cups and a salt shaker in the last week or so. Zach will tell you I am always that clumsy, but I swear I’m not! Zach has been trying to go to the gym as much as possible before our membership is up and we move, so he comes home and likes to say how tired he is from that… I honestly would have been so happy to just relax this weekend, but we had a few things to do.

Kitchen Back Splash

Saturdays we usually try to go and visit our house that is under construction and take any progress pictures we can. This particular Saturday was a little more difficult. We started by going and getting some food and coffee at a little cafe north of Houston that has amazing sandwiches. I am a little surprised it isn’t ever very busy in there when we go. But after that we made our way to where the house is being built and immediately realized that it was much more muddy than it had been any other time we had come to visit. Basically if you tried to walk straight at the house, you would sink in up to your ankles or slip and fall. They haven’t poured our driveway yet because of all the rain that we have been getting recently. Zach decided to try to find a path to get inside and maybe create a way for me, but we decided it was too dangerous for me and he went in and took pictures for me instead. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to see the progress for myself. They had been adding tile in the bathrooms and our back splash for the kitchen this last week. After cleaning our shoes and leaving the house, we made our way to Walmart because we heard they were having a sale on baby items! We picked up a few things like some clothes, bottles and things like that before we made our trek back home to collapse and cuddle on the couch.

Sunday (today), was more of a chores day and we spent it doing our laundry and going to the store. I made some pancakes for us in the morning before we took our clothes to the laundry room to look for open washers. I will not miss doing laundry at these apartments we are in right now! It seems like all of the machines are either taken or broken when we go to do our laundry. My parents were generous in that they are giving Zach and I a washer and dryer they had gotten for my sister at her current place. But she is moving now and no longer needs them. We went for a walk to the park to kill some time while the laundry was going. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with not a cloud in the sky. I cleaned a little and finished some of my homework before we went off to the store. If you have never been to HEB, then you don’t know how crazy they can get. A new one recently opened near our apartment and every time we have gone, it has been a nightmare finding parking and there are traffic jams in the aisles. It is definitely a good grocery store, but I can’t wait to go to one that is a little easier to navigate when we move! We got some things to make quesadillas at the store and so we ate, relaxed, and watched some documentaries on Netflix. I am currently doing some meal prep for Zach and I before we settle in and continue our relaxing until bed time. It is Rodeo time in Houston and this week will be the start of that for us. So I am sure we will have some good stories to tell in the coming days! Thank you for sticking around and we can’t wait to hear from more people. Have a good week!

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