Rodeo Walking and 4D Ultrasound

Hey, it’s Alex! It is Saturday as I am writing this and it has been a busy few days. It is rodeo time here in Houston and we decided to take a friend of Zach’s up on the offer of a couple of tickets to go see Luke Bryan on Thursday. Now the rodeo can be crazy even if you know what you are doing there. It is tens of thousands of people in one area and a lot of traffic and chaos. The rodeo isn’t just a rodeo. It is a livestock show, a carnival, a street fair, and a concert as well. If you didn’t know already, it is the biggest rodeo in the world. I think Zach’s first goal as soon as we got there was to eat everything unhealthy that he could! There are so many food stands with BBQ, fried oreos, fried cheescake, sausage on a stick, corn dogs, turkey legs and pretty much anything else you can think of. I had a corn dog and Zach had to one up me with a cheese and jalepeno infused corndog that looked way better. We also had to splurge and get a nice, hot cinnamon roll to share. The rodeo is about 20 days long with a different big name performing every night after the rodeo events. We were really only going to see Luke Bryan because Zach’s sister is visiting from Washington and was going with her boyfriend. Unfortunately we didn’t get there as early as we wanted to and didn’t even get to see them before the rodeo started.

We were a long way up!

Now I used to love to walk everywhere. But with being pregnant, it has definitely been harder to stay on my feet all the time. I mean I am already on my feet all day at work, which I am used to, but adding another couple hours of walking around a stadium and up ramps and then back down around streets to get home really started to hurt. It didn’t help that I was wearing my cowgirl boots either. I even had some contractions during the rodeo… Yay! But the rodeo is always fun and we had a good time. I think we went about three or four times last year, but one will be enough this year with everything we have going on.

I had the day off on Friday and I have really wanted to go get one of those 4D ultrasounds. Now I don’t know what makes it “4D” and I haven’t looked it up either. But it gives you a more real detailed look at the baby. I didn’t tell Zach because I wanted to surprise him with it, but our little one did not want to cooperate! She kept turning herself away towards my back so that the tech couldn’t get a good view of her face. I spent an hour there trying to get a good look and ended up doing jumping jacks and climbing stairs to see if she would move to a better position. Nope. She did not want to turn. So when Zach got home, I told him about it and how we got to go back the next day for free to see if we could get a better look. Let’s just say that she still did not want to cooperate, but we got a little look at her face for a few seconds! Definitely a cutie if I do say so myself. But I know Zach was happy to get out of there because he was really burning up in the room. Like we said, he is always warm and I am always cold! I even had a jacket on…

As for the rest of today, we have been running around and getting things for my baby shower and I have been spending the last couple of days cutting out games and signs I have printed off. I may have underestimated how many people will be there and I am sure Zach will love going back to Hobby Lobby to get more stuff! That was a joke in case you didn’t know… But we are really trying to relax the rest of the night and tomorrow we are going to go see Zach’s sister and niece at a BBQ. We will update again soon! Don’t be afraid to let us know things you might want to hear about or any questions you may have. See you later!


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