There’s Something In The Air… It’s Pollen

As the title notes, it is that time of year where the air is littered with tiny bits of pollen making people miserable. Oh and it’s Zach writing by the way! So as I am writing this, I am dealing with the great feeling of drainage in my throat and some nice burning and pressure in my sinuses. I always seem to be easily affected by seasonal allergies and this season is no different. I walked out to my truck covered in pollen a couple of days ago and knew it was time. Alex didn’t do so well yesterday either. Along with feeling some effects from the pollen, she got pretty dizzy at work and had some high blood pressure and a headache. After laying down and just taking it easy for a while, she was okay again. But we still haven’t really nailed down what could have caused it. We know that swelling during pregnancy can elevate your blood pressure, but she wasn’t really swollen or anything and she always eats pretty well. So… not sure what that was all about, but she is okay now! It is just always scary with a pregnancy. Especially since it is our first and we aren’t completely sure what to expect.

We already seem to have so much to do this week! I got to go have dinner with my sister, her boyfriend and my niece yesterday and introduce my sister’s boyfriend to crawfish for the first time. It is honestly crazy how much my niece has changed in her first 14 months. I got to be there right after she was born and to see her running around and carrying a little baby doll is still so amazing to me and it makes me realize how quickly childhood goes. It definitely makes me want to make sure I spend as much time as possible with our little one when she is here so that I don’t miss anything.

Friday we are heading north a few hours to pick up a washer and dryer for our new house. Speaking of the new house, with the crazy weather here in Houston, the builders are in danger of falling behind. It has been three weeks since they said they were going to pour our driveway and AC pad, but the rain hasn’t really let up in a few weeks. To top it all off, it is finally clear for a few days, but it has been in the low 30s F. So that means the water and mud are not drying up. In turn, this means that they can’t put in our floors because the humidity inside is too high. So yeah. It has been a mess in terms of weather here. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually excited for some hot sunny weather again!

Alex’s pregnancy is already 30 weeks along now and we are in the final stretch. We feel like we have so much to do still. We need to pack for our move, get everything for the baby, and stay on top of work and school. If you weren’t aware, Alex is an RN, but is taking more school to get her Bachelors in Nursing and wants to eventually go even further than that. She definitely amazes me with everything she seems to accomplish on a daily basis and I know she is going to make a great mom. Well, time for us to get some sleep and hopefully feel a little better tomorrow! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some more updates.

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