Getting Ready For Baby

Hey guys! It’s Zach again. Alex is busy working on an assignment for school, so I figured this would be a good time to post something. It has been another busy weekend and it’s only Saturday! I have a few different things to update y’all on and I hope I remember it all.

Items For Our Baby Girl

I want to start off with a few things that we have been doing to get ready for our little girl coming into the world. Alex recently found out that if you start a baby registry on Amazon and fill out a needs list and someone spends just $10 getting something from your registry (even yourself), you get a free welcome package from Amazon filled with some samples and things for your baby. We haven’t yet recieved our package, but we are going to be sure to let you guys know what we get in it! It is supposed to be random and a surprise for every person, so you may get something different from what somebody else got. We watched a couple videos of people opening their boxes and it contained things like some baby lotion, shampoo, body wash, some diapers, a whole pack of wipes, etc. My stance is that every little bit helps! So look forward to our review on that.

Secondly, someone already got us a few items from our registry at Buy Buy Baby. So it was pretty cool to get a package with a few more items. That included some diapers (always awesome), wipes, and a diaper changing organizer that will hang wherever you need it. It is pretty much exactly like this one from Amazon below. We linked to the listing through the picture as well.

So the item we got through our Amazon registry to get our welcome box was a diaper bag backpack. It is this same one shown below and there is a link for this one as well.

I was really not into the idea that Alex had of both of us using her flowery backpack for a diaper bag… So I fully supported getting this one. It is gray and definitely something I won’t have to be shy about carrying around. We got ours a few days ago and it seems really well made and easy to use. It has a hard rim around the opening on top that helps it to stay open once you unzip it for some easy access with plenty of compartments inside. The pocket in the front is for bottles and they are insulated as well with another two slots on the sides. One is for wipes or tissues with a slot for quick use. Now we really need to get into our house as we start accumulating all of this stuff!

We seem to be on track to get into the house on the day that we thought we would. That is a huge relief to us since we thought it was going to be difficult to get the driveway done, but that got completed this last week! Now we just have the flooring and all the detail work in the next couple of weeks as well as landscaping to get done. We stopped by today to take a look at everything that has been done and I am in love with the kitchen and how big the sink is. We opted for a farmhouse sink that is nice and big.

We took a trip to Tyler, Texas yesterday to get a washer and dryer for the house as well from Alex’s sister that we stored for now. That was a long trip in terms of how it felt, but it was nice to see her family. The weather and the pollen is still a little annoying and I was feeling it last night sleeping on an air mattress before we made our way back. I will be happy to sleep in my own bed again tonight.

Everything seems to be converging all at once! But that is the reason we wanted to start this blog. We want to document it all and see if our experiences can help or relate to others. We can’t wait to share more as everything progresses, and would love to hear from you. Til next time!

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