Time Is Ticking!

Hey guys! It’s Alex. I just wanted to update everyone on what we have going on in the next week or so. As Zach mentioned in one of our previous posts, we got a ‘welcome box’ from Amazon through their baby registry and we are hoping to do a post about that later this week with maybe a video of us unboxing everything and showing the kinds of things we got in ours. I think he mentioned that you won’t necessarily get the same box as someone else. I have some updates on items we got for our little girl as well as our situation with moving into our new home! I am looking forward to showing our progress in getting the nursery ready and decorating as we go. So let’s get started.

Items For Baby

So one of my friends decided to give me some items for our little girl already and let’s just say I am beyond grateful. I almost cried… There goes hormones for you! As you can see, by the picture to the right, there were various adorable clothes for our little girl and a swaddling blanket… I think that’s what they are called. I honestly can’t wait to dress her in all of these different things. It really is kind of sad how fast they grow, because all of this stuff is so cute! Oh and by the way, I would have taken these out of the plastic for the picture, but I am kind of obsessed about keeping things neat and clean before I need them! Besides the clothes, we mentioned the diaper bag that we got and we also got some newborn size bottles that are anti-colic. See below! The picture will take you to an Amazon listing with some info.

Fun fact! I really wanted to use glass bottles for our baby because I really don’t like the idea of heating up plastic. But, it turns out a lot of daycares don’t allow glass bottles for safety reasons and it looks like we will be stuck using plastic ones at least for the daycare. We really want to find a good bottle warmer and focus on a good cleaning process for the bottles and pump… Like I said, I’m a neat freak.

House Updates

So I honestly can’t remember if we talked about the fact that we got our driveway and A/C pad poured last week, but we did! So all that is left for our house is the detail work and we are expecting to close in the next couple of weeks. Zach talked to the construction manager today and he was a little skeptical at the idea of closing next week, but told Zach that he would let us know this Friday. Zach also got our home insurance set up after going back and forth with a few different providers and I think we did pretty well!

There are so many little things to get done before we move in. We still need to pick an energy provider and get our internet switched and do change of address, etc. It is a lot to think about. The biggest thing is that we need to get packing! If we are going to move in a little over a week, we have a lot to do. I picked up a bunch of moving boxes, packing bubbles (not bubble wrap, but the bigger bubbles) and a moving carpet, which I didn’t know was a thing. Apparently you put heavy things on it and you can drag them across the floor easier rather than carrying them. Well that’s it for now but look forward to our box opening in our next post and maybe a video from us! Thank you so much for sticking around and have a blessed day.

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