Baby Registry Welcome Box Un-boxing

Hey guys! It’s Zach. So we have quite a few updates since our last post as well as getting into our Amazon welcome box un-boxing. We meant to post yesterday, but we spent a lot of time packing and running around. So let’s get right into it! Oh wait, happy St. Patrick’s Day! I honestly don’t even know why it’s such a big party holiday in America, but it’s fun and I am listening to Irish music as I write this. Okay, back to it.

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

So we got our box a few days ago. As I said in one of our previous posts, the box comes from creating an Amazon baby registry. If anyone buys items from your registry, including you, and it adds to over $10, then you get a welcome box filled with samples for your baby. Alex was very anxious to open ours right away to see what we got since you may not get the same things as anyone else. But, we decided to wait so that we could film it. Here is a little list of what was in our box:

  • Baby body wash sample
  • Baby shampoo sample
  • Sample size water wipes – advertizes as 99.9% water with no irritants for baby
  • Muslin Swaddle, 100% cotton – Multi use blanket for swaddling, covering, etc.
  • Absorbant breast pad samples
  • Avent 40z baby bottle
  • Sample size detergent for washing baby’s clothes
  • Sample size Honest face and body lotion

So for a nice little welcome box, it was filled with quite a few useful things that I am sure we will try out. As I said, we did film a little video which I will link below. Please excuse the sound quality as we had to use our GoPro without any microphone attachments. I have to admit that Alex was very against posting the video after she saw it because she seems to think she looks too tired. But honestly, she should be tired with a baby growing inside of her and I think she looks great! I think we both had a lot of fun filming this though.

As I said, our first video talking to a camera! If you are having a baby, I would definitely recommend going ahead and making a little registry on Amazon and getting one of these boxes.

House Updates

So we already set up a buyer walk through for next week which is very exciting! We stopped in yesterday to see how everything looked and were excited to see the flooring down as well as the grass and a couple of oak trees planted in the front yard. All of our appliances were in as well and except for a few small details, it looks almost ready to move in to. It still seems kind of unreal to me. Like I still don’t think of it as our future home, but more of just a place we go to and look at once in a while. I am so ready to be out of our apartment though! We spent yesterday packing for quite a bit of the day as well and it seems like we still have so much more to put in boxes.

Baby Update

As for our little one, she is apparently about 4 pounds now and 17 inches long according to the app the Alex uses. Alex is 32 weeks pregnant now and I know she is getting a lot more uncomfortable. It is getting harder to do things like tying her shoes and to get in a good position when she is sleeping. Our little one is still as active as ever and is constantly getting hiccups. It is pretty easy to tell when she has them because Alex’s belly moves pretty rhythmically for a while. I honestly can’t wait to hold our little girl and I find myself smiling whenever I see parents with their little kids and babies. Just a sign of what’s to come.

Well that is all we have for today! We still have a lot to do today. So let us know if you have any questions and we will talk to you all later. Thank you for reading.

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