Moving In To Our First House

Wow… It has been quite the week! Sorry it has been so long since we have posted, but it has been a very busy week for us. This is Zach by the way. So we spent the beginning of last week packing up our apartment and the last half of the week moving in to our new house with very little time for anything else. Not to mention the fact that we haven’t really had any internet lately. I have to say that I am exhausted and so ready to settle in to our house. We probably had a total of what seemed like 50 boxes full that we moved.

Thankfully, Alex’s parents and one of her aunts came and helped us move as well as clean and put a lot of our things away. I was very much ready to move everything myself, and I see now how horrible that would have been! Definitely grateful to have help. We loaded the biggest trailer you can get from Uhaul with everything and still had to load two trucks as well. Needless to say, my father in-law and I were both spent at the end of the weekend. To put it into perspective for those of you that use step counters, On Friday alone, I walked almost 30,000 steps and about half of that was while carrying boxes.

Alex of course wasn’t allowed to do much because we didn’t want her overexerting herself while pregnant. There is too much bending over and lifting when you are moving somewhere and her mom and aunt made her lay down half the time. That may sound nice to a lot of people, but Alex is definitely one to want to be involved in the whole process and I am pretty sure it was driving her crazy to not be able to do more. She was able to go do some shopping for things we need for the house while her Dad and I were still moving things though.

I think the most annoying thing during a move into a house is getting all of the utilities and things set up. We still have to get our water switched to our name and of course the office that I have to go to for that is on the other side of Houston and Houston is huge. Not only that, but I need to find time to go and get our mailbox assigned to us and pick up a key from the post office. The biggest debacle of the weekend though was our fridge. The process of buying the fridge was not that bad. But we found out the day that it was supposed to be delivered that our payment never went through because our bank had a limit on daily purchases with our checking account. So after getting that straightened out, the fridge got delivered and of course it didn’t work correctly. So now we are waiting for a time to get it swapped for a working one.

All in all, the hard part of our move is over and we can kind of start settling in and making the house our own. I am going to start getting the back ready for me to add grass and start painting a few pieces of furniture. It is definitely an exciting time for us and our little girl will be here soon. We will update you all soon with pictures and some more house and baby stories! Thank you to all of you who keep coming back to share in our journey. Until next time!

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