The Saga Continues. 34 Weeks Pregnant

Hey! It’s Alex. Like we said in the last post, it has been a crazy week with moving in and trying to get everything set up and put away. We have some more great news about our fridge… And Zach had a great time starting to lay sod in the back yard. Both the statement about the fridge and the sod are sarcastic if you couldn’t tell. It has been rough, in a sense. We can’t lie. It has been great to be able to enjoy being in a house and having the room and privacy that we lacked in our little apartment. We are blessed for what we have and I know that. But it has still been pretty exhausting. So let’s go over the last few days, shall we?

The Story Of Alex, Zach And The Fridge

So I think we told y’all that we had issues with the fridge that was delivered last Sunday. It wasn’t letting us set the temperature or dispense water. So after some time, we finally found out that the fridge would be swapped out on Friday, or yesterday as of the time that I am writing this. Yeah, well we got the fridge swapped and the display worked! But after several hours, the temperature never went down. We reset it, and tried to keep setting the temperature and it still never went down. Great, right? After a trip to Lowe’s today, we are going to try one more time with a delivery tomorrow and if that doesn’t work then we will probably go with a different fridge. That just makes it a little more complicated. We lost all of our food that was in the fridge as well because it never cooled. We are awaiting a call about some reimbursement for the food loss. I definitely haven’t been very happy with that whole situation. Here is to hoping that tomorrow is a different story!

Laying Sod

We didn’t get grass laid down in our back yard before we moved in to save a little money and do it ourselves. Zach picked up a pallet of sod yesterday after work with his truck and brought it to the house. The first thing he said to me when he got home was “go look at my truck”. I think you can tell by the picture why he said that. The pallet of sod definitely tested the suspension on his truck. It made it look like he had a low rider! He spent the rest of the evening laying sod in the backyard while I helped water it. It only really covered about 40% of the backyard so far, but he is so sore and tired now. I think he is going to do another pallet in a few days and hopefully we won’t need a whole one after that to finish. It is a lot of work that we want to get done before all of the storms hit this year and of course before the baby comes and we are consumed with her and playing with her and taking care of her. Oh and just so you know, there are a lot of spiders in those squares of grass in case you were wondering.

34 Weeks Along!

Tomorrow marks 34 weeks along. It is getting so close and our little one seems to be getting pretty squished in my tummy. I can’t sleep on my left side anymore or she starts treating me like a punching bag. Her movements are very noticeable in looking at my belly and getting up is getting harder! I had a checkup yesterday and everything looks good! I have been having a lot of carpel tunnel, but the doctor said that is normal and should go away after our baby pops out. I will start having appointments every week soon and she could come at any time. I am still pretty tired, but I know I won’t get much sleep once our little girl is waking us up for feedings and changing either. But I think we will be so happy just to be with her, that I don’t think we will care! I am already so in love with her and I can’t wait.

We will try to take a picture soon in front of our house and after we get more things set up in the nursery, we will take pictures of that as well. Thank you so much for reading and I know we will be trying to post more often now that we are starting to get settled. See ya!

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