Moving Into A New House and Baby Stuff…It’s A Whirlwind

Hey guys, it’s Zach. Boy it has still been a crazy week. So yeah…our fridge was dented when it arrived on Monday. If it had been just a minor dent, I would have just said, “who cares” and dealt with it to finally just have a fridge. But it was a pretty bad dent that made the panel on the back stick out. But, we did get a fridge delivered yesterday and it works! Just shy of two weeks from our initial delivery. Alex was texting me over and over to ask if I was sure it worked and asking if it was actually starting to cool down. This whole situation has definitely traumatized her! But we can finally have our food kept cold without the help of an ice chest, and that is lovely. I think we take good working refrigerators for granted too often…

In other news, we finally got our pest control set up. Alex and I both hate the idea of any bugs being able to weasel their way into the house, so getting that taken care of was another sigh of relief. Our house came with a built in system that the pest control hooks up to and pumps spray into tubing that runs through the walls of the house. They also spray around the outside, inside the garage, on your mulch and the have pellets that they sprinkle in the attic. I don’t think we will have any issues.

All this happened after I had to drive three hours for a meeting with work and then back three hours to meet the fridge delivery guys. Up next on my to do list is to sand the crib and paint it. I bought a little Ryobi sander, which is honestly working great. I am getting rid of all of the gloss and stain on the crib and any marks so that we can paint it a light grey. Here is my work on one of the bigger sides so far. I am just getting it roughed up enough so that the primer will hold on to it.

I think I realized that we would have a lot to do as home owners, but I guess I never really thought about how time consuming it is. Especially initially with all the set up and yard work. But even though I am incredibly sore, I am actually enjoying it. I love doing stuff like this. I just have to take some breaks sometimes! After the crib it will be on to finishing the sod in the yard. It rained a lot last night, so it will be a few days until we can get more sod.

Baby Update!

So Alex will be 35 weeks pregnant on Sunday and according to the doctor, at that point, if Alex were to have our little girl then we wouldn’t have to stay any longer in the hospital. We would be able to come home after the initial recovery. So honestly, it could happen any time. She is definitely feeling our little girl more and more. We were getting a flat tire changed today and just sitting in the waiting room, we could see her rolling around like crazy! I am getting really excited and scared. Excited for the baby and scared about being ready for her.

We are planning on getting some hospital bags ready here soon so that we have everything we need in case we have to rush off to the hospital. We would love to hear from you guys about anything you may suggest we have with us or maybe some hacks to being more comfortable at the hospital. The hospital is over a half hour away from our house, so it isn’t always an easy drive back if we forget anything.

I really enjoy writing down our journey and I am grateful for those of you who are sticking around. Thank you for reading and we will post again soon!

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