False Alarm! Early Contractions

So we have been really bad at posting regularly, but it has been crazy still and we will be posting about the baby shower tomorrow for sure. But with getting everything ready for the baby and the house, it has been a lot. The biggest thing was a few days ago.

Alex has been having Braxton Hicks contractions off and on for a while now, but the other day she showed up to work and starting having them a lot closer together. By mid day, she was counting how far apart they were and her coworkers had her sit down. Before she called me, they were at about 7 minutes apart and very regular, but not with much more pain or discomfort than what she had already experienced. Her coworkers urged her to go to labor and delivery. So I ended up meeting her to drive her to the hospital.

Now Alex already has a hospital bag packed for herself and that was ready to go, but I of course figured it was too early to be worrying about it. I ended up throwing some clothes and toiletries into a bag and we took off to the hospital just in case this was the real deal. Alex is already almost 36 weeks at this point, so it definitely wouldn’t be that far out of the realm of possibility. Unfortunately, the hospital is a good forty minutes away from our house, so that’s great… But we made it there and Alex checked in.

They sat us in a holding area with curtains for privacy while they set up monitors for the baby’s heartbeat and the contractions. We decided not to tell anyone we were there until we knew for sure if we would be staying or not so as to avoid any rush of excitement from family and friends that may be unwarranted in the case of false labor. Alex was very much hoping she wasn’t in labor because we just have so much to do before the baby comes and we want the baby to be as healthy as possible when she comes out. After waiting a while, a doctor came in and checked to see if Alex was dilated, which she wasn’t! She determined that Alex wasn’t in labor, but they wanted to keep her there a while to monitor the contractions and check everything before they made a decision about letting us leave.

The best part about the whole thing was the snacks. They brought us bags of snacks while we waited and after several hours of regular contractions being monitored, they decided to give Alex a “Terb” shot which would help to stop the contractions. I know Alex told me what that was short for, but I can’t remember for the life of me. Hold on… Okay it is Terbutaline! I just looked it up. Basically it just stops contractions. That’s all Google told me from my brief search. Besides that shot, she got a steroid shot for the baby’s lungs if she does come early.

After waiting for a while longer, Alex’s contractions stopped completely and they sent us home. Basically they just told us what to look for in terms of contractions before we come back again. I believe they said stronger contractions, five minutes apart that are regular for at least an hour straight. I have heard people say that after you have your first baby, you know exactly when you really are in labor the next time. But I have also had people that have had several kids tell me that they have been sent home multiple times in their last pregnancy. So I guess you never know, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Honestly, I kind of freaked out at the possibility of already having our baby girl show up. I still have so many things I want to get done and we don’t have everything we need! People will say that you will never really be ready, but I want to be as ready as possible. If you guys have any good tips to be able to tell if you are really in labor besides your water breaking, please let us know! Thank you for sticking around and stay tuned.

Garden Update

Also, I can’t remember if we told you guys, but we planted a rose bush in our front yard and it is finally blooming. Just wanted to share a picture because it looks really pretty.

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