Baby Shower Ideas

Hey, it’s Alex! So we had our baby shower last Saturday and it was definitely overwhelming. It took a lot of planning and set up, but I wanted to share what it was like with you all in case you are interested or maybe you want to try some of the ideas that we used.

First off, we ended up having it at my parents house in Houston as we didn’t know how far along our new house would be by this time and it worked out great because they have a lot of room in the living room for tables and chairs. So let’s get into everything we did and some of the different ideas we used.


So we wanted to have lots of goodies besides some regular food, so we set up a table full of different candies and other little items like white chocolate covered pretzel sticks, big marshmallows and cupcakes. We tried to keep everything pink and white. We got a tub of bubblegum and a big container of pastel colored M&Ms from Sam’s Club and we put those into some of the containers that you can see in the picture to the right. I printed off some different baby shower phrases from Etsy that we put into frames that we got from the Dollar Store! They actually worked out really well.

Besides the sweet stuff, my Mom and Aunt had some lunch meat, cheese and lettuce and made some chicken salad for sandwiches with pink lemonade. There was also pasta salad and broccoli salad. I made sure Zach got his fill when he came later to help start taking everything down. We even got to take a little home! We wanted to keep the food as simple as possible because we weren’t sure quite how many people would end up coming and having too many different foods to prepare would have been a nightmare. It ended up working out really well.


So there were several different games that we played. The very first thing that people saw when they came in the door was a place to sign in and take a pink clothespin for the “Don’t Say Baby” game. The whole point of this game is pretty much in the title. If you hear someone say “baby”, then you take their clothespin. The winner is the person who has collected the most clothespins at the end. Oh, and if you have collected a lot of clothespins and end up saying “baby”, whoever caught you saying it gets all of your clothespins. It was definitely really fun.

Another game we played was the “Diaper Changing Game”. This one was also very simple. We had two baby dolls to make it go a little faster. But we made some room in the middle for everyone to watch and had people take turns changing the baby dolls diaper as fast as they could and whoever had the best time at the end would win.

Then there was “The Price Is Right”, baby edition. In this one, we had different baby items and everyone had to guess how much they thought they cost. The person with the closest grand total of all of the items would win.

“Baby Word Scramble”. I don’t know if you have ever seen those puzzles in newspapers or magazines, but this is very similar. Basically we had different words with the letters all out of order and everyone had to unscramble the words to form a word that had to do with babies. Again, fairly straightforward.

We had a lot of different things for prizes like hand soaps, lotions and bath bombs that all smelled so good.


I really wanted the baby shower to have a simple, almost rustic vibe to it. Of course, with pink everywhere, it might be hard to go full rustic, but we really wanted something elegant and simple. No flashy decorations or streamers.

As you can see, we went with basic mason jars with ribbon wrapped around them and babies breath inside. We even had some pink petals spread out on all of the tables. One of my favorite decorations was the little baby clothesline over the fireplace. It was really cute! We ordered our daughter’s name cut out in wood and we used that for decoration as well.

We created a little place for pictures with a garland hanging as a back drop with pink tulle fabric and little flowers hanging from the garland that I made Zach help me put together. The dress I was wearing I got from JC Penny and I got the flower headband from Amazon. Here is a link to the headband below. You can get it in a bunch of different colors.

We had people sign in on a decorative wood piece that had a letter C on it for Charlotte. Oh ya, that is our daughter’s name. We finally decided to say it on here! We were left with lots of wonderful little notes from family and friends that we can share with our daughter later on.

I really have to hand it to my Mom and Aunt. After Zach and I initially set up the tables, it looked like a school cafeteria. They definitely made it look more inviting, special and just plain magical. They spent so much time putting all of this together and we really appreciate it. A special thanks to my Dad and Zach as well for helping to set everything up.


So we have a lot of thank yous to write. Everyone was so generous and Zach and I loved everything that we got for our baby girl. She already has so many cute clothes that I look forward to dressing her in and a bunch of things that will be so handy in taking care of her. I didn’t open the presents at the shower. Zach and I took them back to our house and opened them while writing down everything that we received and who they were from. Next is trying to make sure that we have everyone’s address.

I do kind of wish we had asked for more diapers. We did receive a decent amount, but that is something we need to make sure we stock up on here very soon! I think we will be good on wipes for quite a while.

Well, Zach and I have been very busy putting things away now and trying to set up more since we have a lot of things that we need. Thank you to all of our friends and family who have been a part of this so far and thank you to everyone who is reading and sharing in our story. We will have an update again soon. Zach is almost done with the crib and I am sure he is going to want to post about that soon. Til next time!

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