Crib Trouble and Dilated!

I swear we are having quite the week every single week. So last we said, I was working on the crib. Well I finished it, but we soon realized we were missing pieces to put it together. Definitely a great feeling… But we got in touch with the couple that sold it and they were adamant that they didn’t have any other pieces and that we had everything we needed. After some coercing, we were able to get them to look and what do you know? They found more pieces. At first we were thinking we were going to have to get another crib before they found they other pieces, but now it seems as though my sanding and painting isn’t quite done. We should have those pieces here soon and I can get going on that.

I had been painting outside, but the bugs have started to really like me and I found myself swatting away mosquitoes every other second. I moved everything into the garage and was able to finish the painting I had in there. I will be doing a little step by step of how I did the crib from start to finish once I actually have it all together. I don’t know when exactly that will be, but hopefully soon! Luckily, if the baby comes soon, we do have our pack n play for her to sleep in until the crib is done.

1 cm Dilated and New Car Seat

So Alex ended up going to the doctor on Wednesday for a checkup and found out she was already 1 cm dilated. She had been feeling kind of strange the night before and was a little relieved that she wasn’t feeling all of that for nothing. Of course, this means we are so close to meeting our little girl. Needless to say, Alex was very adamant about going and getting a car seat so that we are ready to take her home from the hospital when she is here.

We had gone back and forth about which car seat to get and we really wanted something that was easy to maneuver from the car to a stroller and back again. We were at BuyBuy Baby for a while just playing around with some of the strollers and car seats to see what we liked and didn’t. We have always liked the UPPAbaby brand, and after struggling with a few of the car seats and then trying the UPPAbaby Mesa Jordan car seat, we kind of couldn’t see going with any other car seat. If you are curious about them, here is a link to them on Amazon. We were able to use some gift money to help pay for ours.

It was kind of a relief once we got it in our car and it was so simple to install. It clips onto the cars rings between the seat cushion and back rest very quickly and slides on and off the base really well. If you don’t have the rings in your vehicle, they make it very simple to run the seat belt through both the base and the car seat itself. Here are a couple pictures of our car seat set up.

We received the mirror as a present and that was very simple to set up as well. It was very similar to this one below.

OxGord Baby Car Mirror for Rear View – Facing Back Seat for Infant Toddler Child in Car Seat- 360 Adjustable & Double Straps

We have been running around like crazy, but I think we will take some time to cook on the grill tonight and enjoy some beautiful weather. We already washed both of our cars! Thanks for stopping by and we will update you all soon.

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