Staying Prepared For Our Baby

Hey guys, it’s Zach. Definitely getting close to the big day now. Alex is 38 weeks pregnant and it is very possible that she could go into labor this week. It has left us trying to make sure that we stay ready at all times. Before, I had kept my hospital bag in our closet and just figured I would grab it when I needed to on the way to the hospital. But now, I am trying to make sure I just keep it in my truck. It is kind of difficult because there are things in there that I use every day, so I keep bringing it in and out of the house. But I think it is finally starting to hit me that it could happen any time. I just don’t want to forget anything before our stay at the hospital!

My Hospital Bag

I know this is terrible, but Alex has sent me several articles about what I need to make sure I have for my hospital bag, but I don’t think I really looked at them when I started packing mine… Sorry Sweetie! I think I have all of the bases covered though.

I first off wanted to make sure I have several pieces of clothing that will last me at least 3 days. Meaning, socks, shirts, shorts, underwear and maybe a sweatshirt. I want comfortable clothes, because I am not going to sit in that room for several days and be in jeans. I wear those enough during the week. I don’t plan on making any fashion statements while at the hospital. I will be more worried about Alex and our little girl.

In terms of toiletries, I grabbed an extra toothbrush as my normal one is electric and just too annoying to move around, contacts, contacts case, solution, glasses, deodorant, vitamins, allergy pills, etc. I just went through my daily routine and made sure that I had everything in my bag that I use daily. That made it fairly simple.

When it comes to other items, I keep reminding myself that I won’t be doing much with my phone if I don’t have my charger. That is a big one as I am sure I will be on lots of phone calls with family and friends as well as work if need be. Funny how dependent we have become on our phones, huh? Alex reminded me that we probably want to bring my computer so we can watch some shows on it if we get into a waiting game. I will be bringing my work computer as well, just in case I need to be available for something important. Don’t worry though, I am not going to let work distract me unless it is a good time or we are just waiting.

I also threw in some towels because I don’t quite know what the situation will be like with bathing or if I will need some extra padding for my sleeping arrangement. It seems that our room will be pretty decent though from the hospital tour that we did though. I highly recommend doing a hospital tour before you go for labor, because it eases your mind about where to go and what to expect.

Getting Everything In Order

So Alex has been the one that is worried about having everything we need for the baby and I have been worried about making sure everything outside of the baby like work, the house and things like that are taken care of. I don’t know if that is strange or not, but I am big on making sure I don’t inconvenience people. So if I leave something open at work when I suddenly have to jump out to go to the hospital, that idea freaks me out. I know that with the baby, we will get what we need and it will be fine.

I have been trying to get ahead of my work and doing some things around the house as well. I finished the grass because I didn’t know how difficult it would be to have time to do that once the baby comes. I have been trying to keep up with the things we have planted as well. I will put some pictures below. Now I just now realized that I need to mow the front lawn this next weekend…and that may not happen if the baby comes before then. That just stressed me out a little! But I also want to get the crib fully done now that we have the extra pieces and I need to do the same to the dresser in our little girls room.

Plants Actually Growing

There are just a lot of different things that will take up time when I will want to be with my wife and our little one. I know I will be obsessed with our little girl, and that will make doing anything else even more difficult. I hear a lot that you don’t want to miss all of the firsts for babies and I want to make sure I am there for as much as possible.

I don’t have a ton to talk about in this post. I just wanted to give an update and our next post may be about being in the hospital or maybe our little girl will already be here. But We will talk to you soon! Thank you for reading and have a great week.

2 thoughts on “Staying Prepared For Our Baby

  1. Getting close!! You guys must be so excited!! You’re better than my husband. He packed his bag as we were walking out the door!! And good call on the towels. Even though they had some at the hospital we went to, they weren’t very nice. And it took a little arm twisting to get my hubby enough blankets to be comfy (they gave him one tiny little one to start) so being prepared for that just in case is a good idea. Can’t wait to read an update soon! Hope these next couple weeks go by fast for you two! They crawled by for me. 😊


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