Babies…They Poop A Lot

Hey guys! It’s Zach. Gosh, I feel like we have lied several times about how soon we would be posting, but honestly, it has just been so busy! I know last time we posted, it was Alex talking about her experience in labor and giving birth. I guess I will catch you all up on the last few weeks and what all we have been doing and going through with our little one. I think I have a lot to say…so here we go.

People say that having a baby changes your life, and it truly does. Not just in the literal sense, like sleep, free time, etc. But also internally. I am so in love with this little girl and I think it is amazing to have another thing for my wife and I to share. Alex is definitely overwhelmed with love for Charlotte. She is so concerned for her well being and always wants to make sure every little thing is perfect. Of course you may say that every parent wants that for their kids. But until you actually feel it, I don’t think you realize how real that feeling is. We are constantly trying new things to see what works to keep our baby happy and to let us enjoy each other as well.

I went back to work a week after Charlotte was born, but was able to work from home once in a while when I needed to so that I could help out and deal with appointments as well. Alex’s Mom stayed with us for a couple of weeks and then my Mom flew in from Washington to stay with us for a couple of weeks as well to help out and experience her very first grandkid. It was especially meaningful for me to have my Mom here because she hasn’t had a chance to see Texas since I have moved here. I wish I could have shown her around more, but the main reason for the trip was for Charlotte and she made it clear that she didn’t need to be entertained. We did get to go out and have a little picnic at the park for a little while, which was very nice. See below for a picture of us!

We grilled hotdogs and had some good guacamole!


So as the title implies, I am going to talk about poop. Babies poop a lot. Maybe you are saying to yourself “duh..they are babies”. But honestly I just didn’t really fully comprehend what we would be dealing with. If you have kids, I am sure you know this, but let me put it simply. Babies poop all the time. This is apparently extra true if they are breastfeeding. Whenever we are changing our daughter, we basically expect her to poop or pee some more while we are changing her. That being said, we regularly go through 2 or 3 diapers each time we change her. So please let me know if you have any suggestions for us so that we aren’t so wasteful. We have constantly tried to just see if she can finish before we change her, but it is as though the act of changing her makes her have to go even more. It’s great.

That being said, we have inevitably encountered diaper rash/redness that I know is painful for her because we are having to wipe so often. We have looked up a lot on this, but it seems as though as long as we continue to apply butt paste every time we change her, it helps a lot. Charlotte will usually cry for 3 different things. Because she is hungry, because she has a dirty diaper, or just to be held. But now we have discovered the 4th thing is when she has some discomfort from her redness on her bottom. She will do a half cry half whining sound. Any suggestions on things to try for this are appreciated as well. But even with those moments, we have some great ones where she is very attentive and interested in us as well.

Our little girl is already changing so much and I know I will soon be one of those people that say they change and grow too quickly. But for now we are just enjoying all the time we have together. Thank you for sticking around and we love hearing from everyone. Let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to hear about! Until next time.


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