Hiatus Over

Yeah…so we didn’t plan on being gone as long as we have, but things were busy and hectic and documenting our journey was honestly an afterthought when it came down to it. But we really want to get back to it now since we have had some time to breathe and get acclimated to our new life. I was actually surprised to see the amount of views and even new followers that we accumulated while we were gone. But there is now a lot to cover and catch everyone up on!

First off, Charlotte looks so different from the last picture we posted of her. She is more aware and more engaged in everything we do now and you can tell she knows what is going on around her. She will cry if she is left alone for more than a few seconds sometimes and has already had times where you can noticeably see her get upset as you walk away. She started daycare, but that is something for a whole other post. I just want to do some general catching up in this post. Oh and this is Zach by the way. She smiles and laughs now! Alex and I will try to make her laugh as long as we can and laugh along with her. That has become our favorite thing to do because hearing her laugh makes us feel incredible and gives us a major boost in mood.

Charlotte’s eyes have stayed blue, which you can see in the picture above and I think it’s safe to say that they won’t be changing from that color at this point. Her hair is getting lighter and it looks very light underneath in some places. We still can’t figure out if we think it will be more curly like Alex’s hair or just wavy like mine. It definitely won’t be straight. We ruled that out almost immediately. She has her Mama’s eyelashes which you can see below. They are going to be super long and full.

I have to say that everyone in our family and our friends have been very helpful and we are so lucky to have the support that we do. Charlotte will be 4 months old in a few days and it seems like she just got here. It is funny how many times you hear people say that kids grow up so fast, but you don’t really know the magnitude of that truth until you experience it as a parent.

We have been fortunate to travel to New Braunfels with her a couple of times to visit Alex’s parents and that has been fun and had some difficulties, which I will discuss in a later post. Right now we are just enjoying our little family and we can’t wait to share more. Thank you to those of you that have stuck around and we will be writing more soon!

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